Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello everyone.

The book is not done yet.

I had planned on having it done and released by the end of March. Honestly, by this point in the grand plan, it would have been released, I would have finished and released Redemption under my real name, and would be starting on the next Raymond Lee book.

Didn't happen. I apologize. Trust me, I'm more upset about it than anyone.

I am still writing. I've just had many time-consuming hurdles to get over, and there's the migraines I suffer from. At this point I'm not going to give a definite date the book will come out as I seem to  be jinxing myself by doing that. Just know it will be out as soon as possible, that I am working on it, and if it's taking longer than expected, that's because I want it to be a quality book. I won't rush to meet a deadline only to deliver crap.

I am introducing some new characters in this book and hope you like them (or like hating them) ! My daughter is also working on an awesome Raymond Lee logo  which will also double as  book cover design for my audio and print editions of the books by changing it up a bit for each story.

Also, if you enjoy audiobooks, I've found a narrator I like and work will be started on the audio version of Mail Horror Bride soon!

Hang in there, guys. FrostBITTEN is on its way. I promise. :)


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