Monday, September 8, 2014

Meet Hallelujah Brown & Angela MHB Excerpt #2

Hal stepped inside and turned to see the rest of the room that had been hidden by the door. He cried out in alarm and sheer disgust as his gaze settled on the crib and the tiny cloudy-eyed monster growling inside it. “What is that?”
“My little sister,” Angela answered. “I think she’s hungry.”
“Lord help us,” Hal whispered, walking toward the crib.
The baby, no more than a year old, stood and gripped the bars, moaning and growling. A face that should have been sweet looked anything but. It snarled at him viciously as drool dripped from the corners of its mouth. Its skin had a slight greenish tint and he knew the few teeth he could see protruding from its gums as its lips pulled back to make monstrous sounds were deadly weapons. This thing was not a child, not in any human sense, but he realized that Paul and Angela would have trouble seeing that. Now he knew what Paul had been referring to when he’d asked Hal over the phone to do what he could not.
“Where’s your father?”
Angela sobbed. “He tied himself up in the basement with Elena after he killed her. He had to. She was going to kill us all. He told me you would be coming for me and to wait here.”
“Did he turn?”
Angela shook her head. “I heard the gunshot. He made sure you were coming first, then he killed himself down there so I wouldn’t see.”
“He killed himself.”
“He stopped himself from becoming a monster. I wouldn’t have been able to kill him, even if he tried to eat me.”
Hal looked at the baby monster again, his stomach rolling. “Have you touched her?”
“Daddy said not to, no matter what. She can hold bottles on her own so I tossed one in the crib but she hasn’t picked it up. She won’t stop crying. She sounds hungry.”

“Oh, she’s hungry all right.” Hal ran his finger over the gun’s trigger, remembering the zombies who’d attacked him at the gas station. They were all hungry.

Mail Horror Bride Excerpt

Kindle won't allow a "Look Inside" of Mail Horror Bride until the final edited copy is delivered to them and that may be a week or so from now so here's a little excerpt you can enjoy now:

They came out of the water sputtering.
“Why’d you do that? You know I can’t swim.”
“It was that or die,” Raven explained as she hoisted Sky onto the tiled floor and climbed out of the pool behind her.
She’d just cleared the water when the zombies fell from the balcony. One landed in the pool with a splash. The other missed, landing on the tiled floor. Raven heard its bones break, which made it all the more horrifying when it rose up on its elbows and started crawling toward them, dragging its broken lower body along.
Sky opened her mouth, but Raven clamped her hand over it, muffling the scream. “You can’t keep doing that,” she whispered. “They hear it and they come to it. I don’t think they can see well and they don’t move as fast as us. We’ll survive this if we’re quick and quiet, got it?”
Sky nodded, her bottom lip quivering as she fought to not cry.
“We’re gonna be fine, kid,” Raven assured her sister, hugging the little girl tight before surveying the area around them. “We have to find a safer place. This isn’t it.”
As if her statement needed any further clarification, the zombie that had splashed into the pool stood and started walking toward them through the water.
“Come on.” She grabbed Sky’s hand and pulled her toward the doorway to the first floor hallway. “Be very quiet. We don’t know how many are on this floor.”
Sky’s only response was a whimper.
Raven squeezed her hand and kept walking down the hall, toward the front of the hotel. The lights flickered on and off, intensifying the anxiety level. Raven wished they’d just go off. It was daytime. There was plenty of natural light, and maybe darkness would help them. It didn’t seem like the zombies could see very well to begin with.
“Do we have a plan?” Sky whispered.
“Yeah. Get the hell out of here,” Raven whispered back.
“Out on the street? I thought we were supposed to stay inside because it was safer.”
“It was until the undead cannibals got in with us. We definitely aren’t safe here, not when the doors don’t even lock and there are zombies creeping on multiple floors. We’ll find a safer building.”
“How are we supposed to get to a safer building? We need a gun.”
The matter-of-fact way Sky made the statement brought a smile to Raven’s mouth despite the circumstances. “You know how to shoot a gun now?”
“Then we don’t need one. We’ve already got people-eating monsters chasing us. The last thing we need is for one of us to shoot the other in the ass.”  
“How do we stop them?”
“I don’t know that we can, but we can definitely outrun them.”
They reached the lobby and found it painted in blood. Raven barely managed to close her hand over Sky’s mouth before the girl erupted into a screaming fit.
“Shhh, Sky. Be quiet, sis.” Raven whispered, desperately trying to silence the screams she could only muffle with her hand. She knew the girl was terrified. Hell, the sight in front of her had her nearly pissing her own pants.
The man at the counter, the same man who’d checked them in a week ago, was now draped over that counter with his intestines scattered around him. The upper half of him, anyway. Judging by the blood trail, the lower half had been dragged away.
Sky finally quit screaming, the shrill cries turning into choked sobs as she struggled to breathe.
“That’s better. It’ll be alright,” Raven soothed her. “We’ll find someplace safe.”
At that moment, the dead man growled, rising up on his elbows. The sisters both gasped, too stunned to expel their breath as the man reached out toward them, snarling. Determined to reach them, he pushed himself forward, falling off the counter with a splat as what remained of his mangled intestines fell out.
Sky bent at the waist and vomited the Twinkies she’d had for breakfast.
A shuffling sound from around the corner spurred Raven into action before she could follow suit. She grabbed Sky’s arm and pulled her into the closest room.
“What are we doing?”

“Something’s moving out there,” Raven explained, shutting the door behind them. They were in a small room with cooking appliances and refrigerators. Pots and pans hung by hooks suspended from the ceiling. “This must be where they prepare the breakfast foods. There should be knives or something useful. Start searching, but do it quietly.” 

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Mail Horror Bride Available Now!

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